TOP 5 SharePoint 2013 Features for End-Users

By Kyle Pew


SharePoint 2013 has evolved from a simple, and sometimes awkward, document management system, initially released in 2001, into a robust, full-featured document management system. Every level of business from small to large can benefit from the dynamic feature set that SharePoint 2013 now boasts to both End-Users and Developers.

Out of the box SharePoint 2013 has brought these top 5 features, among others, to help streamline the typical SharePoint user’s experience.

1 – Drag and Drop












Users can now upload documents into a SharePoint library by simply dragging files from their local computer and/or shared drives directly into the SharePoint library interface.

2 – OneNote Integration with SharePoint


One of the most popular SharePoint site templates, Team Site, now comes with an automatic OneNote shared notebook. OneNote is one of the great, unknown Microsoft applications, first released in 2003. OneNote documents act as an electronic notebook that can be shared among team members. But, unlike standard office files, such as Excel or Word, OneNote files are shared by default. Multiple users can now update a OneNote document at the same time without the concern of locking each other out of the file.

3 – Document Preview



Among the many rich interface enhancements made to the SharePoint 2013 interface, document users now have easy access to document previews and contextual commands to work with the documents. This new interface streamlines the users experience giving more functionality at their fingertips.

4 – SharePoint Site Newsfeeds


SharePoint 2010 allowed users to tag items (pages, documents and list items) using tags and notes. SharePoint 2013 has carried this feature forward and added a user interface called "Newsfeed." The Newsfeed acts as a one stop shop for all the items your have “tagged” and/or marked as “following” in your SharePoint sites. Users now have a place to go to in order to get updates on the documents they are following, pages they have tagged as being important, and updates on people they are following.

5 – Co-Author SharePoint Documents

We’ve all been in a situation where we need to make some edits to a document but someone has already opened the file and locked it. We now have to wait for the document to become available for edits. SharePoint 2013 in combination with Office 2010 or Office 2013 now allows multiple users to make edits to the same document at the same time. Co-authoring functionality is available for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and OneNote. Office 2013 now introduces co-authoring for Visio. For more info on co-authoring a Microsoft document visit the Microsoft SharePoint site here.



I know I said "Top 5 Features," but as a bonus…

6 – SharePoint App Store

SharePoint 2013 not only comes with a plethora of features out of the box, but Microsoft has now included a SharePoint store where you can download both free and low cost apps for your SharePoint sites.



Some of the cool free apps include:

  • Poll App: Poll your site members. Allow site members to vote on various topics and then display the results in graphical pie or bar chart.
  • My Locations: Mark locations on a world map, such as corporate locations or clients.
  • Image Carousel: Display images on your SharePoint site with style.
  • Daily Dilbert App: (My personal favorite) Display the daily Dilbert comic strip on your SharePoint site.


kyle-pewKyle PewMCT, focuses on SharePoint, Visual Studio, the Adobe Suite and Crystal Reports. Kyle has been a top ranked instructor at Learn iT! for seven years.  He is a game designer and father of six.