Top 3 Advantages of Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

Document Storage with Microsoft Office 365’s OneDrive and Google Drive

How would you like to start a document at the office, edit it from your phone while commuting, and finalize it from your tablet at home? How about creating a document that only you can edit, but others can read and comment on? How about simultaneously creating a document with your team form across the globe? With Microsoft Office 365’s OneDrive or Google Drive you can.

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of successful companies that have made the decision to move to the cloud. These organizations have brought in Learn iT! to provide training to IT and Business professionals on Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive to make this transition to the cloud easy and pain-free. With a quick video or instructor-led training everyone at your organization can be securely collaborating from anywhere on any device in no time!

Changing the way we work can require some adjustments and preparation. I have seen first-hand the benefits of Microsoft OneDrive and Google Documents at all levels within the organization. These services change the way your organization operates, from entry level employees to executives. There are three major benefits to using Learn iT when making the move to Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive: security, collaboration, and the benefits of working from anywhere on any device.

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Anytime you’re relying on email to share information it is always a risk that you’ll attach the wrong document or email the wrong person. One of the main benefits of using services like Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint or Google Drive is that you add another layer of security. When using Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive your files aren’t shared with other people unless you save them to the Public folder or choose to share them. Microsoft also saves multiple copies of each file on different drives and servers to prevent document loss from hardware failure.. For more information on this topic, I recommend checking out this site from Microsoft on cloud security.


If you’ve ever been tasked with using Microsoft Word’s compare/combine feature you know the challenges associated with collaborating using traditional email or shared drives. Recently I was working with a client that had 6 copies of the same document all titled ‘Copy of…’. She literally had to open each one to make sure she was showing me the most recent document. Just as we were finishing the changes needed she received an email from a co-worker notify her that additional changes were made while she was in the document and that we had to go through the process of combining those changes.

By creating a document and sharing it with your team in OneDrive you can rest assured that it everyone will be working on the same page and that any changes to the file will be made at the same time. Another important aspect to this is that Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive eliminate redundancy of documents that would otherwise clutter up server and computer storage space. To learn more check out this Learn iT! class on Collaborating in the Cloud.

Work from anywhere on any device

Microsoft OneDrive is available on your phone, tablet, Mac or PC. Recently I was delivering training to a team of executives on Microsoft OneDrive which had a mixture of hardware including a Microsoft Surface, MacBook Pro, iPhone 6, Android, iPad and a Dell PC. I was able to walk each executive through the process of getting the appropriate apps downloaded and installed on their PC’s so by the end of the session everyone had access to all their important documents, from any device in any location. At one point people were clapping and dancing in their seats with the idea that they could approve and edit important information from anywhere. To quote one of the people in the training, “Why are we just being trained on this now? This is going to save me so much time!”


How can Learn iT! help your organization?

The instructors at Learn iT! are experts in training our clients on the latest productivity tools. We show your employees step by step how to use their cloud storage, set permissions on documents and folders and share information inside and outside the organization. Our instructors make cloud storage and collaborating easy to understand, giving your IT department the time they need to make sure things on the back end are up and running. Providing instructor-led training on tools like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive gives the IT professionals time to focus on important projects and insure that you’re getting the most on the investment made in the technology. Dedicated account managers will walk you through the process of creating a training plan that works for your organization within your budget.

Whether your organization is just now evaluating Office 365/Google Drive or you have it available now and need to figure out how to help your employees adopt it, Learn iT! has you covered. With over 20 years’ experience training employees on applications, we’ve found the best ways to help your employees adapt to new technology. Give us a call or email and let us know how we can help you get the most out of your cloud storage!



clifford caraCara Clifford, Director of Applications Training at Learn iT! @caraclifford

Cara uses her background in Instructional Design and hands-on training to create curriculum that focuses on the specific needs of her clients. Whether through eLearning or live instruction, Cara believes that training is the best way to ensure a happy and productive workforce.