The Windows Key Can Make You More Efficient!

By Cara Clifford win-key

Are you familiar with the Windows Key -- the key towards the bottom left of your keyboard with the picture of the Microsoft Windows logo on it?

This rarely used key can be a huge time saver, and a great way to impress your co-workers!

Pressing the Windows Key alone will open or close the start menu -- giving you quick access to all of your programs.

The Windows Key plus a number (Windows Key + 1, Windows Key + 2, etc.) launches any of the programs pinned to your taskbar. (To pin a program to your task bar, right click over the open program’s icon. This will create a shortcut to the program even when it’s closed.)

Take a look at the Windows Key chart below for a quick list and explanation of a few of these shortcuts. With a little practice, you’ll find yourself moving around your computer with ease and efficiency.




caraSince joining Learn iT!Cara Clifford has facilitated courses that include the full Microsoft Office suite and serves as our Director of Desktop Training. In her spare time she loves the theater and has acted, directed, and produced community theater.