Tag a Contact in Skype

Tag a Contact in Skype for Business, Get Notified When They Come Back Online

Have you got a burning question for your Project Lead? A new task that needs to be delegated? It's incredible how dependent we've become on our instant messaging systems to resolve one-off questions or address matters that generally seem too small to be worth calling about.

While it is easier and arguably more productive in theory, it can be distracting to an almost debilitating degree constantly checking to see if someone has come back tagging a contact in skypeonline. In comes Microsoft to the rescue with a feature aptly named "Tag for Status Change Alerts".

Instead of hovering obsessively over your contact list waiting for the light to go from Away/Busy to Online, you can simply ask Skype for Business to ping you with a relatively minimal notification alerting you to a particular user's status change.

To implement this feature, simply right click on any contact and select the option labeled "Tag for Status Change Alerts". This feature will remain engaged for as long as you leave it enabled. Keep in mind that this isn't a one-time deal, you'll need to turn this feature off when you no longer need it.

So go forth and tag! My apologies to those of you on the receiving end of all these tags. If you notice a sudden influx of messages every time you come online, well, now you know why.

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