Our Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

Rather than contribute yet another arbitrary, “Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts” article to the blogosphere, I sent an All Staff email out to the Learn iT! crew asking for their favorite Keyboard Tips and Tricks.

Here’s what came back. Try a few out and see how your productivity increases!

Jose Castro, VP of Technical Training – “Ctrl+F lets you search for specific text in a document, and Ctrl+P takes you right to the print view.”

Harlan Kilmon, Senior Facilitator  – “In a Word doc, the F4 key repeats the last action performed – helpful when applying bold, underline, italics or a color formatting to a series of words.”

Dan McAllister, Microsoft Office Instructor likes tapping the Alt key to see the shortcuts that pop up in the Office ribbon.

David Lieberman, Director of Training sent me an awesome link that explains how to insert placeholder text in a word document.

Courtney Durso, Corporate Account Manager – “Use Ctrl+Tab to toggle back and forth between open tabs in Internet Explorer.”

Alex Mozes, Director of Microsoft Office Training – “Click on a file, then hit F2 to rename the file. In a Word doc, hit Ctrl+A to select all the text and images. Also, Ctrl+[ and  Ctrl+] decreases or increases the font size one value.”

And some of my personal favorites --

  • Ctrl+Space – removes all formatting from the selected text
  • Ctrl+Backspace  -- deletes the word to the left of the cursor
  • Ctrl+Delete – deletes the word to the right of the cursor
  • Windows Key (in between Ctrl and Alt) + Left Arrow – Snaps the current window towards the left side of the screen.
  • The Windows Key + Right Arrow snaps the window towards the right side of the screen. These can be used in tandem to view two windows at the same time.
  • Finally, hitting Ctrl+Shift+G lets me know that I have 371 words in this article, including my bio information below.


I’m Jason Hecker and I serve as the Director of Career Programs at Learn iT! I imagine this blog post is as good of a place as any to formally announce my pick of my alma matter, the University of Cincinnati Bearcats, to win the BCS College Football Championship in 2012. You read it here first.