Microsoft OneNote to the Rescue

If the truth be told, I'm not a very good note taker. In the past my notes have been written on the back of old receipts, napkins or on the envelope my Internet bill came in. This system of note taking is better than nothing, but it makes keeping track of my notes much more of a challenge. Microsoft OneNote has changed the way I take notes. OneNote gives me access to my notes through the cloud, keeps my notes organized, and gives me a variety of note-taking options. OneNote

OneNote in the Cloud

Do you need to take some notes at home, to use at the office tomorrow? No problem! OneNote files can easily be backed up in the cloud, giving you access to your notes from any location with Internet access. Want to access your notes through your smartphone? Go right ahead! There is an app for that! You can use OneNote on your iPhone, iPad and Android. The OneNote Web App allows you to create OneNote files even if your computer doesn't have the OneNote program. Get access to the OneNote Web App through Microsoft SkyDrive for free with your Windows Live or Hotmail account. You can also keep OneNote files private or you can share them with others to collaborate on projects and ideas. This is one great way to eliminate all that back and forth through email by creating one central location to collect notes. Wherever you go, OneNote is there!

Keeping You Organized

Remember the binder with the cool design you picked out in grade school—writing the names of your classes on tiny pieces of paper and slipping them into the tabs of your dividers. The structure of OneNote is very similar to binders with dividers; OneNote’s notebooks, sections and pages give you the ability to organize your notes in the way that works best for you. OneNote also indexes your notes so you can easily locate information. You can create individual notebooks for projects, or keep all your projects in one notebook and use the sections to separate them. OneNote also provides a number of tags, making it easy to create checklists, track contacts, mark ideas and highlight important information. You can create custom tags and keyboard shortcuts for the tags you use most often. No more digging through a messy stack of old envelopes and napkins!

Methods to Your (Note-Taking) Madness

one notepicI’m a big fan of doodles and sketches because sometimes the ideas that swim in my head can't be translated into text. Or sometimes it’s a picture I find online that captures my vision. With Microsoft OneNote you don't have to decide between typing, writing, using images or sounds. OneNote’s screen clipping tool allows you to take a snapshot from a web page. When copying text from a website and pasting it into a notebook, OneNote automatically includes the URL of the website. No more searching through emails or folders looking for an attachment, just attach documents and images to your notebook, keeping everything in one place. OneNote even allows you to save audio and video files. There is a wide variety of ways to take notes when using OneNote. I'm a fan of having options!

Using Microsoft OneNote has drastically improved my ability to take notes. In fact, OneNote makes note-taking fun. If you've never taken the opportunity to use Microsoft OneNote I highly recommend that you try it out. Not only will you take better notes, you will have access to those notes wherever you go. Who knows what brilliance will be achieved when you can easily keep track of your ideas and share those ideas with others! Isn't technology marvelous! For step by step instructions on how to use OneNote, check out the instructional videos at Learn iT! Anytime or sign up for a OneNote class at Learn iT!


caraSince joining Learn iT!, Cara Clifford has facilitated courses that include the full Microsoft Office suite and serves as our Director of Desktop Training. In her spare time she loves the theater and has acted, directed, and produced community theater.