Learn iT! Anytime now has WordPress training!

So you’re ready to take the DIY plunge? Or maybe you have some experience administering sites, but would like to add some advanced functions or features? Have no fear – Learn iT! Anytime has put together an awesome training course that will have you launching and administering your own WordPress website or blog in no time. Our videos are designed to help non-techie users become proficient and productive quickly. Click here to watch a sample video.

And with Learn iT! Anytime, you can learn at your own pace with our “Introduction” module, or go to a specific segment to get right to where you need help.

WordPress is an amazing tool — we like to say that it's both free, and priceless! Make sure you know how to get the most out of it.


Learn iT! Anytime brings renowned Learn iT! San Francisco training to you on video. Our site provides self-paced training in the following subject areas:

Learn iT! Anytime students receive access to our entire library of video-based learning -- including printable material, suggested homework, support materials, and the ability to ask an instructor questions.