Ensuring SharePoint Governance Success

What good is having a SharePoint site if the end users don’t know how to utilize it correctly?  SharePoint is deceptive. The fact that virtually anyone can use it right out of the box is a key point that drives its popularity. And since it is so easy for users at all levels to make relevant changes to site features, content, documents, and infrastructure, it’s just as easy to make errors when doing so unless you have Governance.

Governance refers to:

  • rules,
  • procedures,
  • guidelines and
  • workflows

The concepts are applied to each project, organization, or company that it represents. 

A SharePoint site is only as good as the value and organization of its underlying content. Governance framework that is well thought out, well planned, and well executed is essential to ensure it delivers worthwhile content to its users in an effective way when they interact with it. 

The best way to ensure user compliance with the SharePoint governance is by identifying the different training requirements and developing a comprehensive training plan

Effective SharePoint governance training “Best Practices” should include:

  • Live training sessions
  • Recorded training tutorials
  • Adequate time and resources for end users to participate in the training.

Keep in mind that training must be ongoing. It must be provided consistently to keep up with the rate of technological, procedural, and strategic changes that occurs in today’s business environment. 

If you take the time to consistently train your community, you can increase the efficiency of your Governance and reduce unnecessary errors.

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Antoine Victor has over sixteen years of IT consulting and training experience. He currently coordinates the Learn iT! SharePoint, DotNet & SQL training and certification programs.