Cisco® CCNA, CCNP R/S, Voice and Security Certifications Provide Job Security!

Every day I get emails, social media messages and phone calls asking me for Cisco® Certified VoIP people – or if I can provide IPv6 migration strategies.

Unfortunately, right now, I just can’t find very many Voice certified people or IPv6 engineers to refer to them.

VoIP and IPv6 are exciting, integral technologies. Along with the predictable mass exodus to the Cloud – you’re looking at the future of computing services.

It should be pretty clear at this point that you need to be capable of working within a large, enterprise environment.

Being proficient in VoIP, Cloud computing and IPv6 technical administration forms a solid core for the I.T. professional’s job security. Those already going in this direction – and those who hop on the path now – will not simply ensure they stay employed; they will be poised for serious success.

Be one of those people.

At the trailhead is always the essential Cisco® CCNA – but from there you’ll want to make your move straight into the CCNP R/S for a bulletproof foundation in routing and switching for enterprise networks.

After you’ve made it to that point, make a beeline for CCNP Voice, adding CCNP Security for the skill set necessary to administer large-scale networks.

Once you have those skills, continue to improve your value by attending the CCIE R/S, Security and Voice classes. These are the new I.T. "gold standards" that will provide you with the most sought after, specialized, high-end tools.

And these skills and tools will equip you to succeed in the networking world of the not-so-distant future.

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Todd Lammle

Since beginning his writing career with Microsoft technology, Todd Lammle has authored over 25 books on Cisco® certification subjects. His exclusive bi-monthly courses and bootcamps at Learn iT! remain in high demand.