Add 3 Hours to Your Week: Keyboard Shortcuts

“Ugh, it’s taking too long to edit Notes in PowerPoint.  Too much clicking. Theremust be a better way.”  Time for SHORTCUTS -   Proceed to Notes Viewà Ctrl +Enter, ñ, Ctrl +V, Esc, Esc, ò.

Keyboard shortcuts increase productivity by 3 hours per week.  There are shortcuts we use everyday, like cut and paste (Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V).  However, even for quick tasks, referencing a few shortcuts can speed up the work.

Here are a few favorite, yet obscure, shortcuts:essential keyboard shortcuts

  • Ctrl+K: Inserts a hyperlink to anything. Especially useful in this post
  • Ctrl+Shift+Arrows: Selects text/cells/emails quickly. Once you try it, you just can’t stop
  • Ctrl+Enter: it does different things in the Microsoft Suite
    • PowerPoint, Ctrl +Enter = Select next field on slide
    • Word, Ctrl+Enter = Page break
    • Excel, Ctrl+Enter = Create an array formula (power user class)

If you feel like nerding out on this topic, here are my favorite resources for both mac and PC users.

  • Gmail Users: Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero can be done with Gmail shortcuts.
  • Filter in Excel: Whether you use filters every day or on short project, you need this now.  It will save so much time.  I also recommend adding “Clear filter to your Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Everyday Word Users: I would have never found these on my own, I needed a website to tell me to use them, so use them.
  • Using Windows 10: That WINDOWS key is not for decoration. Many of these work in other versions of Windows.
  • Mac Users (PowerPoint 2016): I can’t forget the Mac users out there. com can help with more Mac shortcuts, I’m sure Apple has some sites summarizing shortcuts too.

What’s your most useful shortcut? Share in the comments

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