A Secret to Higher Productivity Revealed

Yammer, Microsoft’s Social Tool

Looking to increase productivity in your business?  Yammer is a powerful tool that engages workers and helps them connect their ideas. Here are 5 ways Yammer works and how it can yield higher productivity in your business.

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Join a Group

Groups allow departments, teams and companies stay connected. Whether it’s a small group of people working on a project, or a group that represents the entire company, groups make it easy to get work done and communicate important information. Groups can be public or private and help users focus on the information that pertains to them.

Follow Someone

Following someone on Yammer is similar to following someone on LinkedIn or Instagram. It allows you to see messages from them in your feed. Search for your CEO, or director to make sure you’re staying up to date with all the latest news and information.

Reply to a Conversation

A core function of yammer is to create conversation threads. When someone posts something on Yammer you can comment on that post creating a record of the conversation. By having conversations on Yammer you encourage transparency within the organization.

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Like Someone’s Message

By liking someone’s message you’re able to quickly agree with an idea or acknowledge that you’ve seen a message. The concept of using a ‘Like’ button on social is very common and a useful tool to see what ideas and comments are getting the most traction within your organization.

Check Your Inbox

Yammer messages, notifications and likes can all be sent to your Outlook inbox. This allows you to stay involved in the conversation easily. Your inbox will contain messages on conversations you are following, announcements and updates from groups.

How can Learn iT! help with Yammer Implementation?

Creating a strategy to implement social into business requires buy in from all levels of the organization. Learn iT! has classes available to help you with your Yammer implementation. For senior level staff we offer Yammer for Executives, and for your office workers Yammer: Social for Business. If you’re in the early stages or implementing Office 365, or you have it available it’s the right time to start thinking about how you can integrate social into your business.

Call or email Learn iT! for more information on how we can help you create a social workplace!

clifford caraCara Clifford, Director of Applications Training at Learn iT! @caraclifford

Cara uses her background in Instructional Design and hands-on training to create curriculum that focuses on the specific needs of her clients. Whether through eLearning or live instruction, Cara believes that training is the best way to ensure a happy and productive workforce.