3 Reasons Why Windows 10 is the Future

1. No More Banner Releases

It’s been said many times, from tech blogs to Microsoft’s own development executives, that Windows 10 will be the last distinct version of Windows to hit store shelves. Microsoft is making a concerted effort to transition from larger more pronounced software releases in favor of a more iterative “leaky sink” strategy. This new release standard will allow newer software features and security patches to trickle out when they’re consumer ready rather than waiting for new banner versions of Windows.

windows 10 the future2. Mandatory Updates

After years of being pointed out as a source of security flaws, Microsoft is getting serious about keeping all their users up to date. In years past, users have been allowed to defer updates as they please and even turn off updates completely. However that all changes in Windows 10 with the implementation of mandatory automatic updates. This allows Microsoft to regularly push new software releases and security updates without worrying about whether users are protecting themselves by actually allowing the software to update. Business users and IT Departments need not worry however as this change is limited to Home version users, Pro and Enterprise versions of the software will continue to be able to disable automatic updates.

win 10 future

3. Continuum

Windows 8 was a misfire in more ways than one, but the most critiqued part of the release was that it upended the traditional desktop in favor of a painfully unfamiliar full screen start menu. With Windows 10, Microsoft introduces Continuum, a feature allowing the software to preemptively adapt the UI based on the device being used and how it is being used. So while touch screen tablets and phones will maintain the newer tiled interface, traditional PC’s will default to the more familiar desktop view with some modern design flourishes.

features of windows 10

Time will tell whether Windows 10 is the update that Microsoft needs it to be, but it’s clear that CEO Satya Nadella already has his eye on the next ten years. Windows 10, which is a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users, releases digitally and in stores on July 29th.

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