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Leadership Program, Professional Development Training Courses

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Leadership Program: Live Online Learning

Companies need leaders to adapt, influence, motivate, strategize, find solutions, manage conflict, set and meet expectations. Our experts in online learning have compiled 2-hour virtual courses to offer tools and techniques to enhance any leader’s skill set. A live trainer provides an interactive classroom for students to join from anywhere and share with co-leaders in different time zones.

These sessions are not lectures. Instead we use the latest techniques in virtual training to develop skills needed to lead at all levels of an organization. Choose from these 7 courses to create your customized leadership series:

Make the Transition: Leading through Change

  • Guiding Principles of Change
  • The Change Cycle
  • Communicate Change Tool

Skills for Supervisors: Setting Solid Foundations

  • Leadership Based on Your Values
  • Situational Leadership: Meeting Staff Where They Are
  • Employee Motivation Plans

Defuse Difficult Behavior: Manage Conflict with Confidence

  • Identify the 10 Types of Difficult Behaviors in People
  • Understand the internal and external factors that encourage difficult behavior
  • Defuse a tense situation using the AMPP method to turn conflict into cooperation

Be Strategic: Strategic Planning Fundamentals

  • How to be a Strategic Thinker
  • Create a mission statement for your organization, department or work group
  • Learn how to identify the needs and wants of customers

Influence: Power of Persuasion

  • Distinguish power from influence
  • Plan how you’re going to get what you want with Power Methods model and Target of Influence
  • Diagnose your dominant influence behavior style

Manage in All Directions: Tools for Managing Up and Down

  • Setting Effective Performance Expectations
  • Manage Up: Building a Rapport with the Boss
  • Tools to give Feedback and Address Performance Issues

Reacting vs. Responding: The Difference is Critical

  • Critical Thinking: Defined
  • Ask the Right Questions to Stop Reacting & Start Responding
  • 5 Attributes of Critical Thinkers

Leadership Program: Private On-Site Events

In consultation with key business partners and world class organizations, our experts in curriculum design developed a 7-course leadership program which can accelerate the success of existing or aspiring leaders and management teams.

These half day courses (3 hours) are offered as private on-site events, and may be customized to fit the unique needs of your organization.

You will not find these courses in our public offering in this format.

Strategic Planning

  • Facilitated Discussion: Leverage strategic thinking and strategic planning to gain competitive advantage
  • Determine your skills as a strategic thinker, and your company’s need for strategic planning
  • Create a mission statement for your organization, department or work group
  • Learn how to identify the needs and wants of customers

Critical Thinking

  • Recognize what Critical Thinking is, and why it is valuable
  • Learn how to use inquiry to activate Critical Thinking skills
  • Complete a personal assessment to determine what Critical Thinking skills you need to develop in yourself and your team

Developing Others

  • Improving Performance through Motivation
  • Appreciative Inquiry for Leaders
  • Addressing Performance Issues

Manage Conflict With Diplomacy and Tact

  • Identify the 10 Types of Difficult People
  • Understand the internal and external factors that encourage difficult behavior
  • Master body language and eye contact techniques
  • Create an action plan for dealing with your difficult person or situation & apply the tools and concepts from this class

Influencing Without Authority

  • Evaluate how you currently use influence and identify areas for development
  • Practice a variety of influence behaviors which are key to achieving successful results
  • Clarify your goals & priorities

Leading Through Change

  • Identify and assess how you naturally respond during times of transition and uncertainty
  • Become more strategic and adaptable during unexpected organizational or personal change
  • Announce a pending organizational change that is well received by employees

Understand Your Management Style

  • Facilitated Discussion: Situational & Values Based Leadership
  • What Kind of Strategic Thinker Are You?
  • What Kind of Negotiator Are You?
  • Understand & Diagnose your Influence Behaviors