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What is Live Online Training?

Live Online Training allows you to take a live instructor-led Learn iT! class from your home, office, or... anywhere!
  • Learn in the location of your choice
  • Experience live, instructor-led training
  • Train in real time
  • Talk with your trainer and your peers
  • Ask live-questions in real time
  • Watch our instructor’s presentation on your computer
What are the Benefits?
  • No commute! Training without traveling saves time and money
  • Explanations, demonstrations, hands-on practice, and questions are handled in real time via free audio and video conferencing
  • Learn iT Instructor can (at your request) take control of your computer and show you how to do something
How Does it Work?
  • You connect to a Live Online Training class using an easy 3-step process. Anyone can do it!
  • You remotely control one of our in-class computers, watch our instructor’s presentation, and ask live-questions in real time
  • Your class audio is provided with an easy-to-connect conference call. We recommend a hands-free headset for your phone
  • Ask questions, interact with the class, participate in demos and labs – all live!
Our Guarantee
Live Online Training is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. If you feel that you have not received the superb training that you have come to expect from Learn iT! classes, simply notify your corporate account manager before the end of the first day. You can either reschedule to attend the class in person at a Learn iT! location, or return your courseware for a full refund.

Note: Courseware must be in new condition to receive a full refund