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Room Rentals Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rates based on partner model?

Generally speaking it depends on the volume of room rentals client is forecasting. The range is between $850-$1200 depending on room size, lab specifications, etc.

How many rooms do you have?

Learn iT! has 11 rooms in San Francisco and 3 rooms in Santa Clara.

What is the capacity you can accommodate in each room?

Room size ranges between 12 and 32 seats

Does the room rate include computers?

All rooms include PCs.

What is the room rate? Does the rate include tax?

The room rate includes tax, and costs range between $850-$1200.

Does the rate include refreshment for morning/afternoon tea? If not, how much do you charge per person per day?

Room rate includes afternoon cookies and coffee, tea and water &throughout the day in our lobby. If clients are interested in sodas and/or continental breakfast the rate per person is $3/person/day.

Are they any lunch options or in-house catering provided on site training? How much do you charge per person per day?

Yes we do offer Lunch options. The rate per person per lunch is between $10-$15/person/day depending on type of lunch requested (ie hot/cold)

What are the computer hardware configurations you have based on your PC specifications?

Our PC’s range from P4’s to Core2 Duo, 2.8 Ghz, 2-4 Gb RAM, Min of 80 GB HDD, 17" flat panel monitor, and we have a T1 connection to support bandwidth requirements for clients.

Are computers connected in a workgroup/domain environment?

We can create any configuration that someone needs in terms of domain, workgroup, operating systems, etc.

What software is included in the default installation?

Windows XP SP2 or Vista SP1
ACT! 2008
Adobe Reader
Adobe Suite CS4
Macromedia Fireworks
Citrix (test IE7)
Crystal Reports XI
Flash Player (also installs active x controls & a flash plugin)
Ghost Client
JDK (Java Developer)
JRE (Java Runtime)
Java 6 update 64 bit
MS Office 2003 / 2007
MS Office conference add in for Outlook
MS Office Live Meeting 2007
MS office 2007 file conversion
MS OneNote 2003 / 2007
MS Project 2003 / 2007
MS FrontPage 2003
MS Silverlight
MS Visio 2003 / 2007
Shockwave Player
Apple Software Update
SupportSoft Assisted Service
Install IZ arc 3.81 (winzip)
Install IIS
Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1
VPC 2007 SP1
Symantec Antivirus 10.x
Symantec Live update
Camera (Canon SD750)
Mozilla FireFox 3.05

Can you provide Server 2003 or any other Server Operating System if necessary?

Servers with MS operating systems can be provided as necessary. Servers with non-Microsoft operating systems would require the client to provide the software.

Does the room have a whiteboard, data projector, projector screen, flipchart etc?

Rooms can have all of the above, depending on what the client is asking for. All rooms have a white-board.

What are the terms and conditions based on cancellation policy, payment terms, set up policy, hours of operation etc?

Payment is due upon receipt of invoice, or prior to delivery of training, whichever comes first.

What is your room rental Cancellation Policy?

Classroom Rentals – 15 Business Days

If you cancel in writing prior to the cancellation period there will be no charge. Private Classes and Classroom rentals can be re-scheduled at 75% the cost of the original class date. Our cancellation/re-schedule policy is strictly enforced; failure to follow this policy will result in a full invoice for the cancelled course and there will be no refund.

Set-up – 4 hours of setup is included in the daily rate. Any additional time required will be billed at $150/hour.

We are typically open from 8AM-5PM Mon-Fri, however, if alternate times are requested, we are more than willing to work with you to attempt to accommodate.

What about nearby hotels & transportation?

There are many hotels in our area, as we are located in the heart of the Financial District in San Francisco. We have a partnership with a Hotel Group that gives our clients a discount and they are located within walking distance from our facility.

Learn iT is located directly above the public transportation station for Bart and Muni. Bart goes from the East Bay all the way to the Peninsula, including the Airport. Muni goes inside San Francisco including to CalTrain which is the train that goes to the South Bay.

Personality Hotels
SF Muni

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