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Live Online Training FAQs

What is Live Online Training?

Live Online Training is an extension of Learn iT’s classroom training. It allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of instructor led classroom training while attending from your home or office. You will have a live instructor train in real time, talk with your trainers and peers via a conference call, and participate in all classroom lab activities by accessing a virtual computer.

How do I enroll in a Live Online Training class?

You enroll in a Live Online Training class in the same manner that you would enroll in any other Learn iT! class. It’s easiest to visit our Live Online Training Class List to find a class that you would like to attend remotely. Live Online Training classes will be designated as such in the location column. Simply check the corresponding check box and follow the instructions to enroll for the class.

Can our company have a private Live Online Training event?

Yes, we offer both public and private classes utilizing Live Online Training.

How do I prepare my computer for a Live Online Training training?

After enrolling, you will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email will outline the requirements that are necessary to attend the class, and will have instructions or links that allow you to test your system prior to class.

You can also visit the Testing Your System page for instructions and links to test your system.

For an even richer experience, take Live Online Training classes with a dual monitor setup or on two computers. This allows you to watch your instructor’s presentation on one monitor while practicing new techniques on the other.

How do I attend the Live Online Training?

After enrolling, you will receive a confirmation email, with a link to the Attend Class Remotely page. Simply click the link and enter your email address 15 minutes before class begins.

Which browser should I use to connect to my Live Online Training Class?

Live Online Training works with all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Can I use a Macintosh computer to access my Live Online Training class?

We do not support attending classes on the Macintosh platform at this time. Macintosh platform does not maintain a reliable connection with some of the resources necessary to attend class.

Can I use any Microsoft operating system to access my Live Online Training class?

Yes, Live Online Training is compatible with all versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

I forgot my username and/or password! What should I do?

Your Live Online Training username is the email address that you used to sign up for class. It is also the same email address at which you received the confirmation for the class. No password is required when logging into class at the Attend Class Remotely page. If further credentials are required for class, they will be presented to you once you login to this page.

Are all classes offered via Live Online Training?

Most of our classes are available via Live Online Training. You can view our Live Online Training Class List. If you do not find a class that you would like to attend remotely, ask your Account Manager if we can accommodate your request.

Can Live Online Training class invitations be added to the Outlook Calendar or other Mail applications like Lotus notes?

The class confirmation comes with a link in an internet standard format to add the appointment to your calendar. This works with most popular mail applications.

How will I obtain my courseware?

Students attending Live Online Training virtual classes will receive their courseware prior to the start of class. Courseware format will be either digital (distributed via email) or printed (arriving via mail).

What is the deadline for registration in order for courseware to arrive?

Registrations deadlines vary. Courses with digital courseware can accept registrations up to the last business day before class. Courses which require the delivery of printed course materials require more advance notice. (Generally speaking 3 business days before class is sufficient. Later registrations are possible in most cases, with the student being notified there is a chance courseware will arrive after the start of class.)

Can students listen to the instructor’s presentation over the Internet through their computer speakers?

You can connect to the audio conference via VOIP connections (like Skype). Please be aware that some service charge fees may apply, and that voice quality over VOIP is highly dependent on the stability of your internet connection.

What technology does Live Online Training use and what does the student see when they log in?

Live Online Training is powered by Windows Server 2012 terminal services and Adobe Connect. Students will be provided with a confirmation email containing a link to the Live Online Training log-in website. Students will find a simple and straight forward interface that allows them to attend their class.

How can students ask questions when attending a Live Online Training class?

Students can ask questions of their instructor (or classmates) in the same way they would be able to if they were sitting in class. Adobe Connect also provides an instant messaging feature that allows seamless two way transfer of web links, text, and other data between student and instructor.

How do Live Online Training students complete the labs when they are not physically in the classroom?

Students remotely control a computer in our classroom. They will be able to complete all labs that the live students are assigned. The instructor can also connect to the Live Online Training student's lab computer remotely to provide assistance.

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